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"To provide a high quality fitness service through fun and entertaining activity with a focus on the

outdoors, adventure and nature".




ANT Fitness was established by Andrew Neville in April 2005 to provide a Fitness and Personal Training Service to the people of Portland and surrounding communities.

ANT Fitness began by offering Personal Training and exercise classes out of the Masonic Hall in Portland. As the business grew, ANT Fitness was able to offer the community a fitness studio offering access to Cardio and Weight Equipment.


In 2011, ANT Fitness moved into the central business district of Portland, into the Father Granall Centre at 9 Wolgan Street, opposite the Crystal Theatre. 


ANT Fitness continued to expand its services further into the local communities by offering a weekly Gentle Exercise Class at Wallerawang CWA Hall, as well as Kids Fitness Classes three times a week including a one session held in Wallerawang.

In early 2020, when the Covid-19 Pandemic spread across the globe, ANT Fitness was forced to close its studio doors under a government shutdown of non-essential services. This prompted the business to offer a high quality on-line fitness training platform to be able to continually meet the needs of its clients. This included the offering of on-line personal training; Fitness classes being offered LIVE and pre-recorded via Zoom; as well as short FREE workouts via social media channels and YouTube. The fitness platform was complete with the offering of on-line training programs, as well as weekly podcasts, blogs, short motivational videos and an e-newsletter.

As Covid restrictions slowly began to lift in late 2020 / early 2021, Andrew started planning a new direction for ANT Fitness.

At the start of 2022, ANT Fitness moved to the old Boiler House of the old Portland Cement Works, now known as The Foundations.

From the central location of The Foundations, ANT Fitness is able to offer utilise the old Cement Works site to offer both a wide mixture of indoor and outdoor training. 


Kids Fitness still plays a big part in the ANT Fitness offerings, and in 2022, Andrew was contracted by Outdoor NSW ACT to offer a FREE 8 week Active Outdoor Kids Program to the local youth as a trial before it was rolled out further across the state.

ANT Fitness now focuses on Personal Training, Group Training, Outdoor Adventures and Running Festivals.

ANT Fitness employs 1 Casual Team Member.

About the Owner:

Andrew Neville is the owner and founder of ANT Fitness.

Andrew is passionate about health and fitness and believes in delivering a high standard of service.


Andrew provides over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry and business management.

He is a qualified Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, Level 2 Intermediate Running Coach; Level 1 Boxing for Fitness Trainer; Older Adults and Children's Fitness Trainer.


Active Ant

Active Ant is always Active, Energised and Ready to Go!! He is the Superhero that spreads the news of good health and energising healthy habits. Active Ant loves inspiring children of all ages in a bid to rid the world of unhealthy habits.

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