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Running With Heart
Challenging myself to
run outside my comfort zone
to raise funds and awareness for
4 Charities close to my heart

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Andrew is currently in training for the Brisbane Marathon in June.

He will use this marathon as his 3rd Boston Qualifier attempt while raising funds and awareness for the Heart Foundation,

Andrew completed the UTMB Kosci50 in the Snowy Mountains

on the 7th December 2023, running for the JDRF.

He is currently planning his next event to run for JDRF.

Andrew is taking part in the Cancer Council's March Charge.

Dedicating all his kilometres ran in training during March, to helping to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Andrew currently doesn't have

an event planned for

the Mindpot Clinic 


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2024 Blog


When January started, I was still only 3 weeks post Kosci50. So the first half of the month, was still focused on recovery. 

After a big race, I try to take a week off for every 10km raced.

This doesn't mean that I do absolutely no exercise during this recovery time. It means I do less than usual, and at a low intensity.

This time of less running, also provided me with the opportunity to start thinking and planning the year ahead in terms of running goals and races that I was going to place on the calendar. 

My first run of the year is always a REFLECTION RUN - a short run where I reflect on the past year of training, racing and fundraising. I look at what I did well, not so well and improvements I could make. I also think of the year ahead and what I would like to achieve in both racing and fundraising for my charities.

The last km is left for gratitude, where I think of all the people who support myself and the Running With Heart Journey.


As I recommenced running, I was still undecided as to which direction my running was heading in 2024.

Deliberating between short trail runs, ultra distances or continuing to chase a Boston Qualifier in the Marathon were all in my thoughts.

My first few weeks of running were on the trails and were all about building consistency and chasing elevation as I started building a running foundation following my 5 weeks of recovery.

You can watch the January Vlogs HERE


  • 2023: Sydney Marathon: Andrew raised $880 for the Heart Foundation

  • 2023: City2Surf: Andrew raised $821 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • 2023: A team from ANT Fitness raised $ for Lifeline Central West as part of the Push Up Challenge

  • 2023: $2223 was raised in total for all four charities through the Bottle top per visit campaign

  • 2023: Andrew raised $1113 for the Heart Foundation as part of his #Mission2Inspire

  • 2021/22: Andrew raised $10634 as part of his preparation for Mission 231

  • 2016: Big Red Run: Andrew & Craig raised over $7000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


  • 2015: CITY 2 SURF GOLD CHARITY, raising $1240 for Heart Foundation


  • 2013: RUNNING WITH HEART Andrew was honoured to be given the opportunity to run the 2013 New York Marathon. With the help of Portland and surrounding communities he raised over $13000 for the Heart Foundation.

  • 2012: CITY 2 SURF Andrew was offered the privilage of being a Gold Charity Runner for the Heart Foundation in this year's City2Surf. Andrew raised just under $1200 for this charity close to his heart.

  • 2009: VICTORIAN BUSHFIRES Andrew and Adam held a 24 hour Spinathon in order to raise much needed funds for the devasted communities from the "Black Saturday Bushfires".

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