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A New Normal

These are interesting times we are living in. Both interesting and challenging.

The world is in a battle with the Covid-19 virus, and across the globe we are seeing whole communities isolated as governments race to slow down the spread of the virus.

Suddenly, what we once regarded as our normal lives are far from "normal". Things we took for granted every day, we perhaps now find ourselves longing for.

No longer, can we simply go out. Sport across the globe is at a standstill. Entertainment venues closed. Restaurants, cafes are no longer options for dining out. Many of the world's population, as I write this, are confined to their own homes, on government lock-downs or on government recommendations. #stayathome is trending.

In these times, when it is hard, if not impossible, to maintain your usual fitness routines, what is one to do? In these times of isolation, the focus on both our physical and mental health has probably never been as important.

My suggestion is to set yourself some goals for the coming weeks and months. Having something to focus on, helps motivate you to exercise when perhaps "you just don't feel like it today". By setting small goals each day, will help keep us moving daily and will also help us to feel good, or at least better in ourselves, when it is so easy to be swept up in negativity when our "normal" lives are no longer.

It is also a great way to continue to "socialise" with friends and family, whether it be through social media or the good old fashion telephone conversation. Why not set a challenge with family members or friends. Who can have the longest daily streak of Push Ups or Squats or whatever exercise you would like to use? Check in with each other every day to compare performances. Including family or friends in your daily workout (alas from a distance) is great motivation for everyone involved, and also accountability for yourself.

So despite having unprecedented change thrown into our lives, it doesn't have to be cause for a drop off in our exercise habits. Quite the contrary. Let's use the time, as an opportunity to create a "new normal" routine of daily exercise. Perhaps, one that had already been missing due to a life that was filled with to much "busy". And then, when the #Covid19 Crisis is over, and yes, hopefully sooner rather than later, we can then continue with the exercise habits we form now, forming a "new normal" and a fitter and healthier future for the entire world.

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