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Active Ants

An 8 week Kids Fitness Program for Kids 3-12yrs of age, introducing them to what we hope will be a lifelong love of fitness through fun games and activities.

The program commences Monday 29th July 2024 at 4pm and includes 1 x 45min group session each week for 8 weeks.


Active Trails

Join Andrew on an adventure through the Australian Bush.

Combining exercise with story telling, the kids are sure to have a fun adventure as Andrew helps Active Ant bring fitness and health to the world.

Purchase the Online episodes from the shop right here on this page.

Kids Running

Junior Hillbillies

An 5 week Running Program to teach children running skills and technique whilst building their running fitness.

The goal is to have the children be able to have fun running 2km by the end of the program and fall in love with running.

Ideal for preparation for School Cross Country or short kids races at local running festivals, just like ANT Fitness's very own Born To Run Festival on the Saturday of the October Long Weekend.


Candy Queen's Hideout

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