The ANT Nest Podcast

ANT Nest Episode 1:     15th April 2020

The first ever ANT Fitness podcast with your host Winston Neville.

Today's guest is ANT Fitness owner, Andrew Neville, who pops in to discuss the business challenges of Covid-19 and 15 years of ANT Fitness. Plus the fun regular segments.

Portland Hillbillies Episode 1:     24th April 2020

The head hillbilly brings us the latest running news, views and reviews. As well as introducing us to the e regular segments - Hillbilly Rules and the Race Calendar.

ANT Nest Episode 2:     29th April 2020

The guys are back with your favourite segments, as well as exclusive on-line ANT Fitness news and a catch up with an ANT Fitness regular.

Portland Hillbillies Episode 2:    7th May 2020

The head hillbilly talks about the Great Australian Cross Country Championships, as the regular segments - Hillbilly Rules and the look at what's on and what's not on the Race Calendar.

ANT Nest Episode 3:    19th May 2020

This week Andrew answers your questions from Instagram, we spotlight a class and share another funny gym story.

Portland Hillbillies Episode 3:    22nd May 2020

The head hillbilly looks at the efforts of a runner who ran 19 marathons in 19 days for charity, as well as keeping us up-to-date with the race calendar and putting the spotlight on Hillbilly Rule No. 3.

ANT Nest Episode 4: 3rd June 2020

All your favourits segments + we catch up with the latest person to recieve Life Membership to ANT Fitness.

Portland Hillbillies Episode 4:    21st June 2020

All your faves + we look at the changes made to Strava, a great intiative by the Gold Coast Marathon and some inspiration from older runners.

Ask ANT Episode 1:    29th June 2020

So you set goals on 1st January. The year hasn't gone as planned...what does that mean for your goals?

ANT Nest Episode 5:  1st July 2020

All your favourits segments + Andrew reveals some special news!

Ask ANT Episode 2:    9th July 2020

Not sure how to restart your 2020? One thing is for sure. The marathon is not won in the first 100m.

Portland Hillbillies Episode 5:    14th July 2020

We look at the ever changing race calendar, as well as your faves...Hillbilly Rules and News.

Ask ANT Episode 3:    27th July 2020

What are the best three exercises to do at home without equipment if you want to put on muscle?

Ask ANT Episode 4:    9th August 2020

With so much uncertainty day to day at the moment, how can i stay focused on my goals?

ANT Nest Episode 6:  10th August 2020

The ANT Nest Podcast returns with an all new look! We take a look a the sporting and fitness world, test your hearing with a gym secret sound and test your knowledge with fact vs fiction. Plus Fun Facts are back and all the latest ANT Fitness news.

Portland Hillbillies Episode 6:    18th September 2020

We are back...and with a running buddy...that is a Co-Host.  We look at the current racing scene amongst the ongoing pandemic and even discuss the future of the race bib. 


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