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Spring Energy

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There's something about Spring!

Whether it is the longer days, the promise of warmer weather, the blossoms appearing, or the birds singing...I always feel more energised when Spring arrives.

I can feel the change occurring even before the "official start". The last few weeks of August and I can feel the change in the air, and consequently inside of me.

Tingles of excitement, like simmering bubbles of energy rising to the surface within me. Now, those who know me, understand that I'm an energetic person regardless of the calendar month or temperature reading. But with the arrival of Spring, my energy levels go to a whole new level. Do you find it the same?

Spring sees you more eager to get outside of a morning; it becomes easier to be more disciplined with your exercise routine and just overall feeling good inside yourself.

We have more daylight to play with, more interaction with nature (minus the magpies please) and more colour greeting us everywhere we look (as long as there has been rain).

This new lease of energy and life following the more dreary months of winter provides the perfect time to set new goals for the warmer months ahead. An opportunity to be more active each and every day, which in turn increase our energy levels again. Its a winning formula!!

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