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Life is busy. It is stressful. And it can be also overwhelming. Especially considering the events of 2020.

During the week, I was filming down in the Portland Common by the Williwa Creek. It was a short AntBite Workout (check it out on Instagram TV). So here I was lying on the lush green grass (yes, lush), and I noticed the sound of running water. It was almost like it was amplified, loud and clear, really grabbing my attention. I sat up, and was taken by the beauty of the running creek.

This creek was close to dry less than 12 months ago.

And I was brought into a state of mindfulness. Suddenly, I could hear the frogs croaking, the birds singing, and the leaves rustling in the tall gums as the wind blew.

It was a beautiful moment.

And then I noticed the peace I felt. Any problems, stresses and tiredness i had, was lifted from my shoulders.

I glanced in the direction of the hill that separates the town (society) from this spot of nature, this garden of Eden.

And I thought, over that hill, society is suffering. Life is crazy. The world is still battling a pandemic, that has brought the globe to its knees for at least 6 months. On top of that, you have everyday life issues and of course the world of 24hr connection that has our lives constantly on demand and busier than ever.

Yet, this moment of peacefulness I had found myself in, is there to be taken, by anyone, and everyone. All we need to do is stop.


Think about that for a moment.

When did you last stop?

Now it doesn't necessarily have to be by a creek with running water, frogs, birds and the like. But it does need to be away from the world of connection.

It is pointless stopping to reset yourself, if you are going to be interrupted by the beep of a notification or the ring of a phone.

Find somewhere quiet. Alone. And stop.

2020 has been tough for many people. For everyone. And it is hard to escape it.

But by stopping and stepping away for just 5 minutes from the news, the heartbreak, the stress, and the non-stop activity of the world, it will give you the chance to reset, refuel, and perhaps be more prepared for tomorrow, and whatever it may bring.

Are you ready to stop so you can go again?

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