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WARNING: End of year fast approaching!!

Wow! We are into November already!!

Actually we are a full week into November, which may make that first sentence even scarier.

The end of 2020 is less than 8 weeks away, and in a year that has definitely had everything, we maybe looking in anticipation to the start of 2021.

But before we do, and before we get swept up in Christmas parties and shopping; End of school year presentations and performances, let's not let our fitness and health gains of the last 10-11 months fade away into the background.

At this time of year, it is easy to say, "I don't have time", or "my workout can wait until after Christmas when I have more time". But by putting off your exercise sessions now, you are giving yourself extra ground to make up in the new year.

By prioritizing your workout session over the next 7-8 weeks, you are keeping yourself on the front foot and continually moving towards your goals.

It's important though, that you don't put to much pressure on yourself during this period as well.

Perhaps, your goal over the next 2 months could be to "maintain". Whether that is the weight loss you have achieved so far or the improvement in your level of fitness and/or strength. The more you can "maintain" between now and January 1, the less work you'll have to do at the start of next year. In a sense, it keeps you in front of where you would be, if you did the alternative, and put your exercise routine on the back burner over the busy end of year period.

So as we prepare and look forward to Christmas and the end of year festivities, let's not let our achievements of 2020 slip. Let's stay focused and disciplined, ensuring we are ready to start 2021 in the best possible position.

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