On-Line Classes

Until our next LIVE Class on Zoom Butt Belly Thighs - 6:15pm Monday

On-Line Class Timetable

Monday:      10:30am Be Active                              The Foundations or LIVE on Zoom


                     6:15pm Butt Belly Thighs                   The Foundations or LIVE on Zoom

Tuesday:      6:00pm    Camp Ant                    The Foundations or LIVE on Zoom

Wednesday: 10:30am  Be Active                            The Foundations or LIVE on Zoom

Wednesday:      6:30pm        Blast                          The Foundations or LIVE on Zoom

Friday:           10:30am  Be Active                               LIVE on Zoom

ANT Fitness is delivering Fitness Classes in the following formats:



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Checkout the On-Line Class Timetable above to plan your weekly fitness routine.


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Class prices range from $5 to $8 per person.



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