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Not forgetting!

Restrictions are slowly being eased across the country and across the globe as we continue as a world population to move through the pandemic known to many, if not all, as Covid 19.

Whether you agree or not on the speed at which restrictions are being rolled back, a lot of people are keen to return to "normal" although that "normal" can look quite different now.

But in our rush to find normality again, let us not forget what Covid 19 taught us and in some cases forced us to do.

Yes, Covid 19 will long be remembered as the virus that changed the world in 2020 but as tragic as the virus has been, the virus did provide an opportunity to look closely at the way our lives were being lived and has provided opportunity to make some positive changes. Let's not forget those changes.

Family time. Being in locked down, suddenly meant that more time was spent with partners, children and family as a whole. Perhaps, board games were played. Backyard activity participated in. Jigsaws completed. Let us as things return to normal, not put family time back in the corner. Let's keep it ever present.

Being Active. I'm not sure about your local neighbourhood, but Covid 19 certainly seem to draw more walkers, runners and cyclists to the streets in mine. Suddenly more people were being active. Was it for the mental health benefits? Looking after and appreciating their personal health? More time on their hands? Whatever the reason, let's keep being active as a habit as we move forward.

Slowing down. How many people came to realise the frantic pace that life pre-Covid19 was being lived at, didn't have to be? The virus forced everyone to stop. Suddenly, there were no appointments. No kids sport. No traffic rush. People could stop and pick up a book. A hobby. A jigsaw. And the world kept turning. The realisation hit that the world would still do this, even if we weren't living at a 100miles an hour. Let's not forget this. It doesn't have to be fast all the time. Let us say no to some things. Let us stop and just be.

Love. Covid 19 perhaps taught us the biggest lesson right here. That we need to love more. Suddenly, people were talking to their neighbours. Checking in on them. Calling family. Calling friends. Helping strangers. Paying for groceries. Finding toilet paper for family, friends or complete strangers. Giving it away for free. Showing appreciation for those in the front line in the battle against Covid19. Worrying about our work colleagues. Perhaps even loving our politicians who had the country's interests and lives at heart in their decision making (well we hope so).

Suddenly, we were thinking more of others and less of ourselves. Let's not forget that as we return to some sort of normality.

So as we rush back in search of our old lives. The way things once were before the psndemic began. Let's not be to quick to let go of it's lessons and the changes it forced. Because a lot of the time change can be a good thing. Let's not forget that.

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The pandemic has been a time of reflection and has made me think about how i live my life and what matters most. Making more time for family and friends being top of the list.

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