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Did you miss out?

As we head towards Christmas, we are counting down 15 Fitness Days of Christmas by offering daily specials as we say "Thank You" for your support in 2022.

We are currently the end of the first 5 days of counting down the 15 Fitness Days of Christmas, and so far have offered 5 different Christmas Specials - each one was valid for one day only. Did you miss out?

Here's your opportunity to still grab one or more of the specials you may have missed out on. ALL 5 specials will be available to purchase to midnight Sunday 11th December.

Click here to view the specials in the ANT Fitness shop.

And don't forget to follow ANT Fitness on the socials for more weekday Christmas Specials right up until Friday 23rd December.

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for ongoing support.


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